61 Kira Oberschmidt

Who, When, How. Guiding the active involvement of stakeholders in eHealth Action Research

Kira Oberschmidt

60 Martin Tenniglo

Stiff Knee Gait in Stroke: Walking down the road of different treatment options

Martin J.B. Tenniglo


59 Thesis Luca Marotta

Development of Inertial Sensor-Based Methods to Assess Physical Fatigue in Running Applications

Luca Marotta

58 Full_thesis_Zandbergen_with_cover

Moving forwards by going outside: Inertial measurement unit-based monitoring of running biomechanics

Marit Zandbergen

57 Jule Bessler

Safety first in rehabilitation robots! Investigating how safety-related physical human-robot interaction can be assessed.

Jule Bessler-Etten

56 Schulte_thesis

Up to one's knees in data. Data-driven intent recognition using electromyography for the lower limb

Robert Schulte

55 Marijke Broekhuis

Meet my HUBBI: he’s an expert on eHealth usability

Marijke Broekhuis

54 Marian Hurmuz eHealth In or out of our daily lives

eHealth. In or out of our daily lives. Measuring the (non-)use of eHealth in summative evaluations

Marian Hurmuz

53 PhD_Thesis_Tessa_Beinema

Tailoring coaching conversations with virtual health coaches

Tessa Beinema

52 PhD_Thesis_Silke_ter_Stal

Look who's talking. Appearance of embodied conversational agents in eHealth

Silke ter Stal

51 A van Ommeren - Offering a helping hand
Offering a helping hand. Getting a grip on needs and preferences of stroke patients regarding soft-robotic technology supporting hand function Anne van Ommeren
50 C Engbers - Keep Cycling
Keep cycling. How Technology can Support Safe and Comfortable Cycling for Older Adults Carola Engbers
49 Thesis_Achterkamp_Final
Towards a balanced and active lifestyle Reinoud Achterkamp
48 Cover_proefschrift C Nikamp
The sooner the better?! Providing ankle-foot orthoses in the rehabilitation after stroke Corien Nikamp-Simons
47 Thesis_Josien_Timmerman_2019
Cancer rehabilitation at home. The potential of telehealthcare to support functional recovery of lung cancer survivors Josien Timmerman
46 PHDThesis_Thijs_Krabben
 A reaching hand. Towards an Active Therapeutic Device for the upper extremity following stroke Thijs Krabben
45 Proefschrift_Bob_Radder
The wearable hand robot. Supporting impaired hand function in activities of daily living and rehabilitation Bob Radder
44 Proefschrift_Boerema_ST
Sensing human activity to improve sedentary lifestyle Simone T. Boerema
43 thesis_K_Cranen
Acceptance of telerehabilitation in chronic pain: the patients’ perspective Karlijn Cranen
42 Thesis_Sharon Nijenhuis
Roll up your sleeves! Technology-supported arm and hand training at home after stroke Sharon Nijenhuis
41 Thesis_Juliet_Haarman_pdf
 Tibar. Therapist Inspired Balance Assisting Robot Juliet Haarman
40 PhDThesis_MCabrita
Active and Pleasant Ageing supported by Technology Miriam Cabrita
39 thesis_M_Wolvers
 A coach in your pocket. On chronic cancer-related fatigue and physical behavior Marije Wolvers
38 proefschrift_erik_prinsen
Adapting to change. Influence of a microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knee on gait adaptations Erik Prinsen
37 thesis_M_Kloosterman
Keep on rolling. Functional evaluation of power-assisted wheelchair use Marieke Kloosterman
36 thesis_im_velstra
Advanced insights in upper limb function of individuals with cervical spinal cord injury Inge-Marie Velstra
35 thesis_s_jansen-kosterink
The added value of telemedicine services for physical rehabilitation Stephanie Jansen-Kosterink
34 thesis_h_op_den_akker
Smart Tailoring of Real-Time Phsical Activity Coaching Systems Harm op den Akker
33 thesis_h_trompetter
Act with pain. Measurement, efficacy and mechanisms of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Hester Trompetter
32 thesis_m_tabak
Telemedicine for patients with COPD. New treatment approaches to improve daily activity behaviour Monique Tabak
31 thesis_s_malhotra
Does spasticity interfere with functional recovery after stroke? A novel approach to understand, measure and treat spasticity after acute stroke Shweta Malhotra
30 thesis_r_evering
Ambulatory feedback at daily physical activity patterns. A treatment for the chronic fatigue syndrome in the home environment? Richard Evering
29 Proefschrift Rosemary Dubbeldam
Towards a better understanding of foot and ankle kinematics in rhematoid arthritis. The effects of walking speed and structural impairments Rosemary Dubbeldam
28 thesis_b_molier
Influence of augmented feedback on learning upper extremity tasks after stroke Birgit I. Molier
27 proefschrift Gulmans
Crossing boundaries. Improving communication in cerebral palsy care Jitske Gulmans
26 Proefschrift Marit van Weering
Towards a new treatment for chronic low back pain patients. Using activity monitoring and personalized feedback Marit G.H. van Weering
25 Proefschrift Marit van Weering
Assessment of a two-channel implantable peroneal nerve stimulator post-stroke Anke I.R. Kottink-Hutten
24 Proefschrift Marije Vos-van der Hulst
Prognostic factors and underlying mechanisms in chronic low back pain Marije Vos-van der Hulst
23 Proefschrift Gerdienke Prange
Rehabilitation Robotics. Stimulating restoration of arm function after stroke G.B. (Gerdienke) Prange
22 Proefschrift Jasper Reenalda
Dynamic sittingto prevent pressure ulcers in spinal cord injured Jasper Reenalda
21 Proefschrift Judith Fleuren
Assessment of spasticity. From EMG to patients’ perception Judith F.M. Fleuren
20 Proefschrift Rianne Huis in t Veld
Work-related neck-sholder pain. The role of cognitive-behavioural factors and remotely supervised treatment Rianne Huis in ’t Veld
19 Proefschrift Laura Kallenberg
Multi-channel array EMG in chronic neck-shoulder pain Laura A.C. Kallenberg
18 Proefschrift Gerlienke Voerman
Musculoskeletal neck-shoulder pain. A new ambulant myofeedback intervention approach G.E. Voerman
17 Proefschrift Carola Mes
Improving non-optimal results in chronic pain treatment. A tripartite approach Carola A.J. Mes
16 Proefschrift Henk van Dijk
Motor skill learning. Age and Augmented Feedback Henk van Dijk
15 thesis_j_de_kroon
Therapeutic electrical stimulation of the upper extremity in stroke Joke de Kroon
14 Proefschrift Govert Snoek_definitief_5
Patient preferences for reconstructive interventions of the upper limb in tetraplegia Govert J. Snoek
13 Proefschrift Arjan v.d. Salm
 Spasticity reduction using electrical stimulation in the lower limb of spinal cord injury patients Arjan van der Salm
12 Proefschrift Jaap Buurke
 Walking after stroke. Co-ordination Patterns & Functional Recovery Jaap H. Buurke
11 thesis_blokhorst
State-dependent factors and attention in Whiplash Associated Disorder Mariëtte Blokhorst
10 Proefschrift Michiel Jannink - definitief drukker
Usability of custom-made orthopaedic shoes in patients with degenerative disorders of the foot Michiel J.A. Jannink
09 Proefschrift Marc Nederhand
Muscle activation patterns in posttraumatic neck pain Marc J. Nederhand
08 progress
Muscle activation patterns in posttraumatic neck pain Marc J. Nederhand
07 progress
Lumbar Dynamometry: A Useful method for assessment of patients with chronic low back pain? Miriam M.R. Hutten
06 progress
Design and evaluation of a hybrid orthosis for people with paraplegia Gert Baardman Maarten J.  IJzerman
05 progress
Bouwen aan een kwalitietssysteem in de revalidatiezorg. Een poging tot constructive technology assesment van een kwaliteitssysteem in een gezondheidszorginstelling Wim H. van Harten
04 progress
Electrophysiological Kinesiology. Proceedings of the 11th congress of the International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology in Enschede, The Netherlands 1996 Hermie J. Hermens Anand V. Nene Gerald Zilvold
03 progress
Rehabilitation in Germany and the Nedherlands. A comparison of two rehabilitation-systems L. Duda L.O. van Noort S. Röseler B.O.L. Greitemann W.H. van Harten N.S. Klazinga
02 progress
Revalidatietechnologie in Euregio N.G.A. van Leerdam H.J. Hermens
01 progress
Comprehensive Need-Assessment. Ontwikkeling van een meetinstrument voor zorgbehoeften en kwaliteitsbeoordeling door patienten J.W.G.A. Pot H. Boer W.H. van Harten H.J. Hermens E.R. Seydel