You have a healthcare technology (an eHealth application or medical device) and you would like to know how it is doing with its user-friendliness and improve it. Or you would like to know how your technology scores on user experience. Think, for example, of the fun people experience playing your health game or the trust that people have in your digital care portal.

RRD can test or benchmark your prototype or already implemented technology.

Testing the user-friendliness of your technology means that we investigate with a group of end users (healthy people, the elderly, patients or healthcare professionals) where working with your technology can be more effective and efficient. This gives you a report in which we describe all the problems found, specify their severity and (if desired) give a redesign advice. In addition, we benchmark the user-friendliness of your technology by means of a validated instrument. This allows you to see how your technology scores against your competition and shows how an overhaul of your innovation affects your user-friendliness. In addition, RRD can benchmark the user experience of your innovation, for example in combination with a usability test.


RRD's usability and user experience team consists of experts with a ton of experience who publish in leading scientific journals on the subject. In addition, we have very good contacts with healthcare institutions and patient associations, which allows us to facilitate for you that your technology is also evaluated with the actual end users. Within our facilities we have access to a usability lab and various labs to determine physiological parameters. Of great value for our usability and user experience testing is the collaboration with the Technology & Care Academy. They have an advanced usability lab for testing technology with the elderly and their caregivers. In collaboration with them, we can offer you a unique test of your technology for the elderly.


Have you been interested in our services and facilities? Please contact one of our usability and user experience experts. They are happy to help you.