On behalf of governments, agencies and companies, we conduct research into the state of science and practice in the field of rehabilitation, sports and health management. Are you a company, which in the development of a product, or when drawing up a technological roadmap, seeks scientific support? Or are you a government organization and looking for an overview of the available literature or knowledge on a particular topic, or state of the practice, but lack the expertise or manpower to carry this out yourself? Then RRD is the ideal partner to carry out this research. We have all the knowledge and expertise in-house to carry out such an inventory and bring you up to date on the state of science and practice.


What does it provide?

The results of our research on the state of science and practice can be used to inform policy, support strategic choices or, for example, build a research agenda.


Case study

Commissioned by ZonMw, we conducted a market survey on the state of the art in the field of injury prevention in running. This involved a literature review, interviews and focus groups with the various stakeholders (runners, (para)medics, researchers, sports organizations) to arrive at a state of the art paper with clear directions for follow-up research on injury prevention in running. ZonMw can use this market survey to define the research agenda on this theme for the coming years.