RRD is part of the Roessingh Ecosystem. The Roessingh Rehabilitation Center, in addition to the University of Twente, is an important strategic partner for RRD. RRD and the Roessingh Rehabilitation Center work closely together in the development and implementation of innovative technology in diagnosis (Roessingh Diagnostic Center) and treatment (Roessingh Innovation Lab) of patients. In addition, the Roessingh ecosystem includes the following companies: RdgKompage (visual aids), Roessingh Rehabilitation Technology (assistive devices) and Roessing Labor (reintegration to work).

We are all in the same location, near the University of Twente.

Being part of the Roessingh ecosystem provides easy access to a healthcare context (hospital, patients, physicians) to co-develop, test and implement technology and offers opportunities to co-develop with the other companies.