The RRD research panel

Within RRD, we regularly conduct research into the development and use of new aids and/or treatment methods for people with physical or cognitive disabilities, which enable them to participate in society as independently and meaningfully as possible.

In these studies, we benefit greatly from input from potential users to arrive at a meaningful and well-considered device or treatment concept or to evaluate this device or treatment concept.

To this end, we are also regularly looking for healthy subjects who would like to participate in focus groups or are interested in perhaps participating as a test subject in a scientific study.

What to do if you are interested in participating?

By filling out the form below you are indicating your interest. We ask for your name, phone number and email address so we can contact you. In addition, we ask for your age, gender and place of residence, because different projects may be aimed at different age and target groups or because sometimes a research project is aimed at a specific region.

Completing this form does not commit you to anything. You are merely giving permission for us to approach you as a potential test subject.

What if you are approached?

After applying, we may contact you. We will then ask you if you are interested in participating in a specific research project we are working on. You do not then have to commit immediately. We will send you further information first, so that you can take your time to see what the research entails and also take your time to think about whether you would like to participate in this research.

It is important to note that participation in scientific research is always voluntary and you may refuse to participate or stop participating at any time if you wish to do so at a later stage.

What do we do with your data?

We use the information you provide to us to contact you if we are looking for individuals to participate in focus groups or participate as subjects in scientific research. This data will be made available only to RRD staff members who wish to contact potential participants at that time.


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Research at RRD is subject to the privacy rules of the European Commission as they apply to scientific research. Click here for our privacy policy..

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