Identifying user needs and requirements which is used as input for developing health technology.


Team Understand performs research to understand the user needs and requirements and the context of use, both quantitative as qualitative, as input for the development of personalised health technology. The starting point for this is our strong base of health-specific knowledge. Quantitatively, researchers in this team have a strong expertise in movement analysis within rehabilitation and sports. This expertise then mainly focuses on recovery of movement in people with motor problems such as after stroke or amputation and the effect of fatigue on (running) gait patterns. Qualitatively, the researchers use methodologies based on the latest scientific insights to identify user needs and requirements, which can be translated into a program of requirements for personalised health technology. In addition, this team also uses patient journeys and service modelling to address, among other things, bottlenecks in implementing health technologies at an early stage.

With all these methodologies, the researchers gain knowledge about the user’s health status and their interaction with health technology across all levels: in the persons themselves, in their daily life and in the society at large. This knowledge informs which and how health technology can contribute to the prevention, self-management and participation of its user.

State of science and practice

Concept development and review

User needs and requirements

Usability testing