The corona crisis has had a major impact on physiotherapy as a healthcare profession in which physical contact is an important part of diagnosis and treatment. There has been a lot of experimentation with remote care; However, a strong inadequacy was experienced in using only the standard online communication tools by both patients and paramedics.

Given the current situation in the field and the future-proofing of healthcare, there is a strong need from practice to further explore whether remote physiotherapy can be improved through a technological expansion of the existing eHealth options. Even in the current 'blended care' (a combination of online and offline care and contact moments), there is still a lot to be gained through technological support for the physiotherapist.

This project focuses on where we can (easily) enrich technology to improve remote care and deploy it when the situation calls for it. We focus, in collaboration with SMEs and end users, on sensor technology and 'augmented video conferencing' in particular. We include user aspects (added value) and policy aspects (financing) in the design solution. The result is a working method with associated platform (prototype) that demonstrates this working method.

Main results

  1. Identify opportunities for enriching physical therapy consultations with sensor technology as an added value over physical consultations.
  2. Develop a platform to optimize remote physical therapy consultations.
  3. Conduct multiple field experiments to monitor the usability and applicability and perceived added value of this enriched remote care.
  4. Valorize the knowledge gained through a business model, integration into education and development of an implementation plan.


Lead partner

Saxion - Lectorate of Ambient Intelligence


Project Partners

  • Saxion - XR Lab
  • Saxion - Lectureship of Smart Health
  • Utrecht University of Applied Sciences -lectures Innovation of Exercise Care
  • UMC Utrecht
  • RU Nijmegen
  • Roessingh Research & Development
  • PMI Rembrandt
  • FysioCentrum Nijverdal
  • Topvorm Twente B.V.
  • Movella/Xsens
  • Moveshelf
  • Connec2/The Virtual Dutch Men
  • Dutch association for physiotherapy in sports health care (NVFS)
  • Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy (KNGF)
  • Menzis


Raak Funding: € 300 000
Total Budget: € 606 995
Timeline: 2023 - 2025