Evaluations come in all shapes and sizes. They allow us to improve a technological innovation, to verify its clinical impact, or to determine its value for society. At RRD, we have been conducting a myriad of evaluations for decades, with close involvement of clinicians, patients, and all other stakeholders. We have a usability lab for doing usability tests, A/B testing or user experience benchmarking. In addition, we have a fully equipped movement laboratory where we can perform state-of-the art human movement research. And we have close relationships with clinical centres and societal organizations to set up large scale trials. Of course, our most important asset for conducting all these evaluations are our experts, who cover the entire range skills that are necessary to put an innovation to the test.

More specifically, we excel at:

  • Usability and User Experience testing
  • (innovative) evaluation of health innovations and services (for clinical effect)
  • Rehabilitation and MDR compliance, including safety assessment
  • Social Return On Investment (SROI) analyses
  • Technology acceptance studies