Regaining balance and walking ability after, for example, a stroke or amputation is a very important goal for many patients. The assessment of the functions that are important in walking is of great importance here.

The course aims to identify gait disorders and formulate treatment options through a structured analysis of gait (incl. clinical tests, ground reaction forces and EMG). The course has a strong interactive character and has ample attention for working out patient cases.

The course is aimed at rehabilitation physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, movement scientists, orthotists and movement technologists working within rehabilitation and orthopedics. The program consists of 7 course days. The total study load consists of homework assignments (average of 4 hours per course day) in which the learned skills are further practiced.


For 2022, the course days are set at:

Day 1 Thursday, March 10

Day 2 Thursday, March 24                           

Day 3 Friday, March 25

Day 4 Thursday, April 21                           

Day 5 Friday, April 22                           

Day 6 Thursday, May 12                        

Day 7 Friday, May 13


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