Our multidisciplinary team has considerable experience in carrying out adoption studies, evaluations and clinical analyses. Our staff includes engineers, physiotherapists, programmers, psychologists, exercise physiologists, epidemiologists, rehabilitation physicians, and more.


Specific topics we can help you with are for example

  • Market research on which innovative solutions are available for your clinical needs
  • User requirements and wishes of patients
  • Development and implementation of new technology
  • Testing of new technology on patients
  • Comparison of an already developed technology with the currently available alternatives in a scientifically responsible manner
  • Usability studies (see usability studies)


We have a broad network of professionals and patients who are sympathetic towards research, varying from physiotherapists, rehabilitation physicians and general practitioners to stroke patients and groups of frail elderly patients.

We are closely related to Roessingh, Centre for Rehabilitation, an innovative treatment centre just a parking area away. We talk with physicians on a weekly basis and in our Novalab in Roessingh, Centre for Rehabilitation, we can implement new healthcare technologies in the regular treatments of rehabilitation patients.

We are actively involved in relevant networks such as Health Valley, Vitaal Twente and Vita Valley. In addition, we work intensively with both research institutes and treatment centres. Through these connections with the field, we can help you by opening doors to financers and accelerators, but also towards universities and healthcare institutions.

We will be happy to explore how we can help you during an individual meeting.