Written by: Erik Prinsen

We are excited to be a partner in the newly started ITEA-project called TREAT. The TREAT project aims to increase patient self-efficacy in managing non-communicable disorders including diabetes, cardiac events and osteoarthritis by integrating data from wearables, journals and medical records. Through that, we aim to move healthcare access from the clinic into the patient’s daily life. In addition we aim to improve the health management skills of the patient. The project will develop novel wearables and software-based solutions to improve patient self-efficacy while driving clinical efficiencies.

Within ITEA-projects national use cases exist that work together under a common framework. The Dutch use case will focus on the development of a wearable and feedback system for individuals with diabetes mellitus that also suffer from osteoarthritis. This system will focus on stimulating healthy movement behavior in the target population. RRD will be involved in the end-user engagement, definition of the patient journey and the evaluation of the developed system.

After an exciting kick-off in Canmore, Canada, and the national kick-off in the beautiful city of Den Bosch we are ready to start improving the healthcare for individuals with diabetes mellitus and osteoarthritis!

Interested to read more about this project? Read more on the website: ITEA 4 - Project - 22022 TREAT


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