Examining the impact of health technology on the user themselves and on society.


Team Impact has extensive experience and expertise in measuring the impact of (early prototypes of) personalised health technology on its users and the society. Our expertise ranges from formative usability tests (starting level TRL-4) to GCP-compliant multicenter trials that are conducted within the scope of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) (TRL-9). We have extensive experience in conducting randomized controlled trials. Next to this, we also have expertise in innovative research designs, such as the cohort multiple randomized controlled trial (cmRCT) that may be a better fit in the context of technology development. Besides looking at the impact of technology on its users, we also study the effect of technology on the society by using the Societal Return of Investment (SROI) methodology. This methodology provides insight into the readiness of a technology to be marketed and which promoting and inhibiting factors are present. With the SROI we can help organisations to understand and quantify the social, environmental and economic value that they are creating with their innovation.

Clinical evaluation and validation

Implementation of health technologies

Social impact analysis