Co-create health technology and develop and deploy the tools to better understand the user and the context in which health technology is used.


To understand the user and the context of use and being able to measure the impact of personalised health technology, we need to collect data in everyday life. Team Create is working on several applications for this specific purpose. Over the years, RRD has developed its own research data platform called SenSeeAct. The SenSeeAct platform consists of the data platform itself, a web-portal and several Android and iOS applications that run on the data platform. These applications are developed in-house to give feedback to the user, therapist and/or physician. It can also be used to push questionnaires or act as a diary. Next to the SenSeeAct platform, RRD has also developed its own software for ambulant movement analysis with inertial sensors. The strength of this application is that, through years of experience with ambulatory sensors, the researchers in team Create can develop the software adapted to specific use cases with the relevant parameters. In addition, researchers can have access to the raw measurement data.