We are proud to announce a new partnership between Roessingh Research and Development (RRD), the company that started the development of WOOL, and Innovation Sprint (iSPRINT), a long-term strategic partner of RRD and consortium member in Council of Coaches, the project that acted as the catalyst for the initial launch of the WOOL Platform.

RRD and iSPRINT will, from this day forward, jointly take up the task of maintaining and expanding the WOOL Platform, and have formalized their commitment in doing so in the WOOL Foundation Agreement.

The launch of the WOOL Foundation is an important step in ensuring the continued support for the WOOL Platform, with two strong founding members that are using WOOL to help grow their technology, while being committed to contributing to a strong Open Source software platform.

If you are working on dialogue-driven virtual agents, or any other technology that uses dynamically scripted dialogues to drive the interaction with your end-users (be it patients, customers, or players), now is a great time to see if the WOOL Platform is right for you! As always, we are looking forward to your feedback and questions!