From July until October 2019, COVR’s second Open Call attracted no less than 82 applications for third party funding of projects related to cobot safety. This is 10% more than in COVR’s first Open Call. These applications reached many stakeholders across Europe, as evidenced by submissions from 18 different European countries. The top 3 of most productive countries in this round:

  1. Germany (49%)
  2. Denmark (26%)
  3. Spain (24%)

We can clearly see that the word of COVR is spreading. An analysis of how people found out about the COVR second Open Call shows, not surprisingly, it’s mainly the professional networks of the COVR partners themselves (70%), but the COVR funding opportunity also reached them through announcements on conferences and fairs and on EU website and other Open Call identifiers (20%).

The applications span a wide range

All applications combined ask for over 7.2M Euro of financial support for their cobot safety project. The proposed projects span a multitude of domains for cobots: from manufacturing to healthcare, agriculture and professional services. The domains best represented in this round of applications are: Manufacturing (54%) and Healthcare and rehabilitation (17%), followed by Logistics (7%) and Construction (5%). Looking at the primary technology used in those domains, we see a large presence of robotic manipulators, followed by mobile robots.

Over 140 organizations involved

A total of 146 organizations are involved in the 82 applications. Doing the math, it is easily spotted that many applications are about collaborating with partners on collaborative robots. Nearly half of all applications are consortia of 2, 3 or even 4 partners wishing to work together. Among these, technology developers and research technology organizations (RTOs, including universities and EU-supported Digital Innovation Hubs) are the most prevalent, both as lead and collaborating partner. Although not usually the lead partner coordinating the project, end users (21%) and system integrators (23%) are strongly represented as collaborating partner(s).

Winners are announced in January 2020

The 82 applications will now undergo review by cobot experts external to the COVR project. Each application will be thoroughly and systematically reviewed and scored by three experts. Based on their scores, the best among the top ranked applications will be selected by the COVR consortium and announced as winners of a COVR Award in January 2020. Stay tuned to find out who will win the Awards:!