Our ambition is to realise innovations and improvements in healthcare. We do that by developing knowledge and innovations, and by offering our expertise to other parties. We invite you take advantage of our many years of experience to build bridges between technology and healthcare practice.

For example, we can advise you about itemising user requirements, technological developments, market research and the writing of business plans for healthcare innovations.

We have access to patient populations and we have our own advanced laboratory facilities. We are therefore the ideal partner for testing innovative solutions on patients through contract research, for example.

We license the knowledge and products we have developed and validated over the years to parties who want to market this knowledge. This can be hardware for rehabilitation, but also software, artificial intelligence solutions, or algorithms for e-health applications.

Finally, we bring a number of solutions directly to the market through spin-off companies or products.

We are open to new collaborations. Please contact.

Jasper Reenalda
Sr. researcher / human movement scientist

088 087 5726
Anke Kottink – Hutten
Researcher / human movement scientist

088 087 5733