The research that we carry out within RRD is internationally recognised and is connected to the national and international research agendas such as the , the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing and the European Horizon2020 programme.

In the area of e-health, we are developing new services for people with a chronic condition. A growing number of people have a chronic condition and have to live with it for longer. If current practices continue, then there will not be enough people to provide the care needed. We are therefore developing smart technology solutions to help people live as independently as possible at home, with a personal support in the self-management of their chronic condition.

Rehabilitation technology
In the area of rehabilitation technology, we are developing smart systems that adapt to the capacities, wishes and requirements of the individual. Encouraging independence also takes priority here. Following our tagline ‘Supported where needed and independent where possible,’ we are developing smart ortheses and prostheses, robotics and virtual reality solutions for use in both the clinic and the everyday environment.