As of 1 January 2019, dr. Lex van Velsen has been appointed coordinator Telemedicine at Roessingh Research and Development (RRD). In this role, he is successor to Hermie Hermens. Hermie Hermens will focus on strategic development that are of importance to RRD, introduction of colleagues in his extensive (international) network, and exploring new approaches for acquisition and exploitation. Both Lex van Velsen and Hermie Hermens are part of the management team at RRD.

Dr. Lex van Velsen is the coordinator of the Telemedicine cluster within Roessingh Research and Development. Besides, he holds a research line in the area of requirements engineering for telemedicine services. His expertises include user-centered design, requirements engineering, information design, personalization, privacy by design, and designing for trust. Lex coordinates multiple European and national projects in the area of telemedicine, aimed at, for example, frail older adults, usability testing of eHealth technology, or user-centered design. In this, his guiding principle is that health innovation is far more than designing technology alone; it is a process innovation of which technology is part. Lex van Velsen PhD students, in collaboration with the University of Twente, Wageningen University and Chalmers University of Technology). Lex is associate editor for BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. Lex completed a PhD in the area of technical communication and worked as post-doctoral researcher at the Dutch National Institute for Health and the Environment.

Prof. dr. ir. Hermie Hermens is professor in Telemedicine at University of Twente (UT) and Roessingh Research and Development. Hermie studied biomedical engineering at the UT and subsequently became head of the research group at Roessingh, Centre for Rehabilitation. In 1990 he was co-founder and first director of RRD. He did his PhD on surface EMG, became professor in Neuromuscular Control (2001) and later professor in Telemedicine (2010).

Hermie is (co) author of over 500 peer reviewed publications and his work was cited over 18.500 times (H-index 61). He coordinated several European projects, and participated in over 25 other European projects. Under his (co) supervision, he guided 39 PhD students to complete their PhD successfully, and currently guides 11 other PhD’s.

Hermie Hermens is director of the strategic UT eHealth Technology program and director technology of the Centre for Care Technology Research (acknowledged by ZonMw/IMDI).