Due to our motivation to disseminate and implement our knowledge as widely as possible in everyday practice, we are strongly involved in the education of future engineering and healthcare professionals who are studying at Saxion University of Applied Sciences and at the University of Twente.

University of Twente
We have collaborated in various areas with the University of Twente for a long time. A number of our researchers hold an appointment at this university as part-time professors, where they give lectures and supervise dozens of PhD researchers. RRD currently holds three chairs, namely:

  • Neuromuscular control and telemedicine
  • Rehabilitation medicine and technology
  • Diagnostics and treatment of chronic pain and fatigue

We provide courses in areas such as gait analysis, rehabilitation technology, telemedicine and healthcare technology in the broadest sense. For example, we provide a course that focuses on anatomy and exercise physiology in relation to sport for the Master’s students Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine.

For Saxion students studying Manual Therapy or Sports Physiotherapy who are studying for the Musculoskeletal Master, we provide an optional course Gait Image Analysis over four half days, which is based on the detailed course on this subject that we provide to healthcare professionals. We teach the students to identify gait disorders based on a video observation of the gait pattern, to formulate hypotheses that can explain gait disorders, to test these hypotheses, and to choose treatment possibilities based on the testing of the hypotheses.

In addition to this integral optional course, we provide individual guest lectures about the possibilities modern technology offers in healthcare, such as the implementation of sensor technology in physiotherapy practice.