Are you looking for a party that can itemise the requirements and wishes of patients, test new technology on patients, help develop prototypes of products or compare an already developed technology with the currently available alternatives in a scientifically responsible manner? We are available for projects ranging from 10,000 euros and a duration of several months to large programmes with a duration of many years and a multi-million-euro budget.

Direct link with everyday practice
RRD is located just a parking area away from an innovative treatment centre. We talk with physicians on a weekly basis and in our novalab in Roessingh, Centre for rehabilitation, we can implement new healthcare technologies in the regular treatments of rehabilitation patients.

We have considerable experience in carrying out adoption studies, evaluations and clinical analyses. Furthermore, we have a broad network of professionals and patients who are sympathetic towards research, varying from physiotherapists, rehabilitation physicians and general practitioners to stroke patients and groups of frail elderly patients.

Multidisciplinary team
Our staff includes a wide range of professionals. We have engineers, physiotherapists, programmers, psychologists, exercise physiologists, epidemiologists, rehabilitation physicians, and more who can work on your question as an interdisciplinary team.

If you are interested, feel free to visit us to discuss the possibilities.


Stand up chair

RRD has conducted a medical scientific study to investigate the effects of automatic imposed changes in the seating postures of a commercially available chair on tissue load as well as on skin blood flow and tissue oxygenation.

Adaptive knee prosthesis

On behalf of an orthopaedic company, RRD investigated the effectiveness of an adaptive knee prosthesis on quality of life, self-perceived balance confidence and an instrumented analysis of the gait pattern during the execution of different functional tasks.

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