Our world is rapidly evolving into a society based on data. Healthcare is no exception, and the rise of big data and AI is giving us the option to revolutionize the way in which we can remain healthy or deal with physical, cognitive, or mental conditions. Coming from rehabilitation care, RRD has a strong and long track record on dealing with big data sets. As one of the first research organizations to use wearables for informing rehabilitation care, and to enrich clinical AI features with insights from big data on physical health, we have vast knowledge and experience on the following topics:

  • Multi-modal, real world health monitoring
  • Unobtrusive wearable movement measurement: Development and implementation in real-life
  • Big data in movement analysis: Pattern recognition, feature engineering and feature learning for analysis and machine learning
  • Interpreting data for shared decision making (algorithm development)
  • Presenting data for shared decision making and coaching (interface design)
  • Person-specific treatment strategies for patients
  • Transparent and human-centered AI design
  • Patient and healthcare professional confidence in eHealth and artificial intelligence in particular