We are happy to use our expertise to help companies or organisations that struggle with questions such as: I want to implement a new technology in healthcare. How do I go about that? What are the dos and don’ts of developing a new healthcare technology? How do I obtain funding? But we are also available to help healthcare institutions that want to itemise which innovative solutions are available for their clinical needs.

Small start-ups who lack the manpower to be able to investigate this type of questions themselves or companies who lack knowledge in certain subareas can come to us for advice on a consultancy basis.

We are actively involved in relevant networks such as the Business Development Team of Kennispark Twente, Health Valley, Vitaal Twente and Vita Valley. In addition, we work intensively with both research institutes and treatment centres. Through these connections with the field, we can help you by opening doors to financers and accelerators, but also towards universities and healthcare institutions.

We will be happy to explore how we can help you during an individual meeting.

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