RRD at the Dutch geriatric conference

On the annual Dutch geriatric conference, RRD presented the current state of the art on the development of technology for older adults. After a short introduction on RRD, Marijke Broekhuis presented the need for user research and usability evaluation among this target population. Technology can only be effective when older adults are willing to use the technology. Next, a showcase of various eHealth projects were presented. Among these were the FRAIL project on developing a gamified eHealth solution for older adults, the GOAL project on the effectiveness of earning GOAL points to enhance a healthy lifestyle, the HOLOBALANCE project on the feasibility to use a hologram as a virtual coach and the Council of Coaches project on the development of multiple virtual coaches that can assist people in achieving their health goals. Finally, Stephanie Jansen – Kosterink presented her ideas on proper evaluation of these kinds of services and her quest for more innovative and pragmatic research methods. The session ended with a discussion among the audience and presenters.