Monique Tabak

Monique is a biomedical engineer and senior researcher at RRD and the University of Twente.  In 2014, she received her PhD for the research ‘Telemedicine for patients with COPD’.

Her research line ‘Persuasive Motivational Coaching Technology’ aims to research, develop and evaluate technology-supported persuasive coaching strategies that motivate people (with chronic conditions) in adhering to their interventions in daily life. For example via gaming, virtual reality of smart navigation support, but also by using positive emotions or social motivation.

Example projects include: MAGGY: a mobile activity game for elderly (, INLIFE: personalized ICT solutions for people with MCI ( and VIREP: virtual reality for patients with chronic back pain.


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Tabak M, op den Akker H, Hermens HJ (2014). Motivational cues as real-time feedback for changing daily activity behavior of patients with COPD. Patient Education & Counseling, 94(3), 372-378.

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