Jos Spoelstra

During his studies in electronics Jos became interested in ICT. Since then ICT has been one of his hobbies. During his work as graphic designer this hobby became part of his job, and he started training in Novell, Microsoft and Linux.

In 2000 Jos started at RRD, first as manager ICT, later as manager Information and Automation.

With his colleagues he has developed an ICT infrastructure in which security, flexibility and reliability are central. From early on he has been involved in the growth of the Telemedicine research at RRD. He has also co-worked with colleagues of the University of Twente and rehabilitation centre Roessingh to set up state of the art connections and facilities to better facilitate current and future co-operations.

Together with his colleagues at RRD he continuously attempts to create better work environment and facilities for all who work at RRD now and in the future.