Rehabilitation technology during the “Weekend of Sciences”


During the weekend of October 5-6, children will be introduced to science and research at multiple locations in the Netherlands. One of these locations was Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede, where Roessingh Research & Development (RRD) was represented as well. RRD showed different applications of technology in health care. Colleagues Harm op den Akker, Chris Baten, Tessa Beinema and Roos Bulthuis brought three demos to introduce children and their parents to the research conducted at RRD.

One of the projects is focused on children with motor learning disabilities. These children for example struggle with learning to ride a bicycle and come to Roessingh to learn all necessary skills. To minimize the step from the clinic to cycling in real traffic, RRD is developing a virtual bicycle trainer in collaboration with Twinsense 360.

During the Weekend of the Sciences, visitors could try the virtual bicycle trainer, and cycle on a real bicycle through a virtual environment, by putting on Virtual Reality glasses. Over fifty children could try this and afterwards there were many happy and surprised faces. For some children, it was quite exciting to cycle in Virtual Reality, but they had a good experience as well.

Next to the virtual bicycle trainer, there was a small demonstration of the virtual coaches that are being developed within the Council of Coaches project, and children could play the game Snake using a movement sensor. By moving around the sensor, they could control the game. This required some skill.

The Weekend of Sciences is organized in the first weekend of October each year and targets children in primary school and their parents. RRD enjoys contributing to this initiative to encourage children to participate in sciences, and to let them experience how technology can contribute to health care.