On Tuesday 22 November 2016, her Majesty Queen Máxima made a working visit to Roessingh and RRD


During her visit, Queen Máxima spoke with the Board of the rehabilitation centre and with the director of RRD about scientific and other developments in healthcare. Queen Máxima was given a tour of the facilities with demonstrations in the gait analysis lab and the Novalab. Researchers and a physiotherapist showed her how innovative developments in the area of robotics, virtual reality and telemedicine are used in the rehabilitation process.

RRD’s gait analysis lab has facilities to analyse the gait and walking motion in order to study the physical possibilities and limitations of people. The ironHand was also demonstrated. This is a robotic glove that can support people with a reduced hand function, for example following a stroke, while they are performing everyday tasks.

The Novalab in the rehabilitation centre is a room set up for virtual reality and robotics. In the Novalab, Roessingh uses innovative equipment to help its clients, with a particular focus on studies carried out by RRD. The Gryphon Rider, the ArmeoBoom and HandsOn were demonstrated in the Novalab. The Gryphon Rider is a balance game that is used to practise balance in the standing and sitting positions. The game matches the level of the client and is fully adjustable. ArmeoBoom is a robot that smartly and completely supports the arm, so that movements can be practised without any hindrance from gravity. Stroke patients use it, for example. HandsOn is a therapeutic rehabilitation game for training the arm and hand functions of children with cerebral palsy. They control the game by picking up and moving various objects. This ensures an intensive and motivational training.

Finally, Queen Máxima spoke with several clients about their experiences. They told her what these innovative developments mean for them and could mean for future patients as well.

Click here for a report of this visit on the website of rtv Oost.