RRD is looking for a bachelor/master student with interest in movement analysis and some MATLAB experience.

Background information
Plantar fasciopathy is often associated with heel pain. It is the most frequent impairing foot complaint and 10 % of the adult population suffers from plantar fasciopathy during lifetime. Various populations suffer from plantar fasciopathy such as runners, people with diabetes or obesity and elderly people. In general, rehabilitation is tedious: conservative therapy results in a reduction of complaints in 80% of the patients, but the complaints may have a duration of 1 to 6 months. Of the patients, 20% develop severe chronic complaints. Several hypotheses on the origin or cause of plantar fasciopathy and corresponding structures are available. These hypotheses are however retrospectively defined and are based on findings in patients with chronic plantar fasciopathy. Furthermore, there has been little attention for objective descriptions of illness related issues such as gait.

The aim of this study is assessment and analyses of kinematics and kinetics of the lower extremity (hip, knee, ankle, foot joints) of patients with plantar fasciopathy and healthy controls during gait. In addition, clinical factors such as hamstring length, mobility of the ankle joint or muscle strength are assessed. The second aim is to provide more insight into the relationships between these clinical factors and gait parameters.



Study design
This study is part of a larger study in which a number of subjects have already been assessed. The clinical factors are measured prior to the gait assessment. During the gait assessment, infrared reflective markers are attached to the feet and legs of the subject and the movement of these markers during gait is recorded by infrared cameras. The kinematic and kinetic parameters are calculated using existing foot and ankle and leg computer models. The calculation of the kinetics and the analysis of the data is done with MATLAB scripts.

Main activities student
Your assignment is:
– Assessment of gait and clinical factors for patients and healthy controls;
– Analyse relationships between the clinical and gait factors;
– Compare gait parameters of health controls and patients;
– Write a final report about your study and findings.

Student profile
BSc, MSc or practical experience assignment for students Biomechanical engineering, Biomedical Technology or Movement Science

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