During our research projects over the past few decades, we have developed knowledge in a wide range of areas. This varies from sensors with the associated software to recognise specific patterns to methods facilitating the adoption of new healthcare technology by patients and professionals. This knowledge can be valuable to companies or public organisations to expand their own portfolio with new products and services. We are happy to license the use of our knowledge and products – such as hardware for rehabilitation, software, artificial intelligence solutions, or algorithms for e-health applications – to partners who want to market this in their own form.

Our products and services are based on scientific research, are clinically validated and fulfil a need of therapists and patients.


Val Risico en Val Detectie applicatie voor de smartphone

We have developed, tested and validated motion exercises for people with various diseases. We licensed these personalised video exercises to Gociety, which is implementing them in a Fall Risk and Fall Detection mobile application that is aimed at elderly people with balance problems.

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