Within the H2020-funded COVR project, RRD is working on advancing safety of rehabilitation robots. The project is aiming to simplify the safety validation process of collaborative robots (cobots) in all domains. A cascade (FSTP) funding scheme is part of COVR, where third parties can obtain financial support for their safety-related cobot developments.

The 3rd and final round of Open Calls for cascade funding has opened as planned, despite the current corona virus outbreak, to provide cobot developers with an opportunity to obtain additional funding to continue their development on safety-related topics. Anyone with a collaborative robot (or related technology) can apply for a COVR Award up to €60.000 per partner either alone or in a consortium teaming up with other coboteers, working on safety evaluation of cobots or related aspects.

For anyone working with collaborative robots, the COVR project is contributing towards making safety evaluation more clear and easier for technology developers. Collaborative robots are robots working in shared spaces with humans, of which rehabilitation technology is of course a really good, and challenging, example. Besides the healthcare topic in which RRD is involved, the project covers many fields of cobot applications, from manufacturing to agriculture, in its collaboration with 4 other national research and technology organizations across Denmark, Germany, Italy and France: Danish Technological Institute (DTI), Fraunhofer IFF, National Research Council of Italy (CNR), Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). In an effort to broaden the application field of COVR knowledge and services, this third and last call is focusing on application areas with limited knowledge on safety validation of cobots. This means that we encourage especially submissions from domains other than the relatively well-established manufacturing domain, such as healthcare, agriculture, logistics, etc. This does however not mean that high-quality applications with novel approaches for manufacturing cobots will not be awarded. You can find more information about the H2020 funded COVR project on www.safearoundrobots.com and watch the Get COVR video here.

  • Upon winning a COVR Award, the coboteer is invited into the facilities of one of the COVR partners where COVR experts will help the coboteer at any stage of the safety assessment and validation process, so they are certain that their cobot has an adequate level of safety when the Award project ends.
  • The Award funding can e.g. be spent on maturing the cobot system, developing the safety system or something completely different as long as it is safety-related, and the COVR experts are involved in the assessment, testing and validation phases of the project.
  • Upon finishing the Award project, the knowledge gained through the Award process will be used to improve the COVR toolkit, to better guide developers to the relevant safety-related information (standards and norms) for their cobot.

For more information, visit the COVR website (www.safearoundrobots.com), take a look at the applicant’s guide and/or contact the COVR team at RRD (Leendert Schaake: l.schaake@rrd.nl; Jule Bessler: j.bessler@RRD.nl; Gerdienke Prange: g.prange@rrd.nl)