COVR Award funding supports robot safety: apply before Oct 31st

Now that 21 winning COVR Award projects from the 1st Open Call are well on their way with making the next step in safety testing for their cobot, the COVR project has opened its 2nd Open Call for funding. If you are a user or developer of a collaborative robot, you can apply for a COVR Award of €60.000,- to take the next step in safety validation of your cobot. Even better, if you team up with partners, the Award increases up to €150.000,-.

Do you want to work on the safety of your rehabilitation robot with financial and expert support from COVR? Do you want to increase your safety knowhow related to your robot? Do you want to join Gable Systems, Hocoma, University of Twente and Amsterdam UMC as winners of the COVR Awards in Healthcare? Apply now for an Award! Deadline 31st of October 2019.

With support from the COVR project team, you will find out how to show that your cobot or its component is safe. Not only for healthcare robotics, but also for robotics in manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, and any other domain where people and robots work side by side. Get in touch with the COVR team at and/or contact the RRD team: Leendert Schaake, Jule Bessler, and Gerdienke Prange.