Call for Abstracts

Roessingh Research and Development invites students from all educational degrees (bachelor, master, PhD) to submit abstracts for presentation at our Symposium entitled: “Enabling Technology for Active Life and Better Health”. Every two-years, RRD organizes a Symposium in which national and international speakers are invited to present their latest work in topics of interest bridging academia and healthcare practice.

Abstracts will be peer reviewed and acceptance will be based on content, available space, and overall program balance. All abstracts will be presented as a poster and a selection of the abstracts will give a short pitch, in a session of the program dedicated to this purpose. There will be a Best Poster Award donated by the platinum sponsor: Roessingh Concern.

Topics of interest include:

  1. Movement analysis
  2. Monitoring and Coaching
  3. Supportive technology
  4. Virtual coaches
  5. Bridging technology and Care practice
  6. Gaming in rehabilitation and eHealth

Guide for authors:

The abstract should have a maximum of 350 words, excluding title and references. Additional graphic material in forms of figure or table is encouraged, but not mandatory. Please mention all authors and respective affiliations.  To submit your abstract, please click on the following link To be eligible, presenting authors must be students (PhD candidates included).

Scientific Committee:

Hermie Hermens (Full professor, Director Telemedicine cluster)

Jaap Buurke (Full professor, Director Rehabilitation Technology cluster)

Hans Rietman (Full professor, Rehabilitation physician)

Gerdienke Prange-Lasonder (Senior Researcher, Human Movement Scientist)

Monique Tabak (Senior Researcher, Biomedical Engineer)

Anke Kottink-Hutten (Researcher, Human Movement Scientist)

Marit Dekker-van Weering (Researcher, Human Movement Scientist)

Stephanie Jansen-Kosterink (Researcher, Human Movement Scientist)