Back-UP goes Luxembourg for the EC review meeting

EuroForum building was the place where Back-Up consortium met Project Officer and revievers for a full day project review

The Grand Duché is a very cosmopolitan place and it is usual to meet people for all over the World. On the other hand, it is not so usual to find the Back-UP Consortium there: this time the occasion was special and unique because almost all the partners were invited at EUFO EC facilities to meet the Project Officer Violeta Peréz-Nueno and the reviewer team formed by Drs. Francesco Bussu (Head of Neuroscience in University of Sassari), Elena Sebokova (Axxelis Partner, innovation specialist in pharma industry) and Isidro Cortés (Research Group Leader in the European Bioinformatics Institute).

“The Project Officer and the reviewers are outstanding people in their fields, so every comment is welcome and helpful for the following months”, underlines Giuseppe Caprara, Innovation Manager at IBV and member of the Coordination team.

From the project side, all the Work Package leaders took part in the meeting, including University of Leeds and University of Keele (UK), RRD (The Netherlands), NTNU (Norway), Empirica (Germany), GENOS (Croatia), CIOP-PIB (Poland), University of Padova (Italy), GMV, MAZ and coordinator IBV (Spain).

During the meeting, the main role was played by Project Director Helios De Rosario, who started with a deep, complete and clear project overview in which he portrayed the origins of the project, the problem that it is bound to solve, and the achievements of the first period.

Later on, Work Package leaders exposed the job performed through each Work Package, including highlights of the Professional and Researcher platforms.

The Project Officer underlined “the huge work performed” and the “tremendous potential of this kind of project” and invited the Consortium to “keep working hard on such interesting topics”.

“Back-UP represents a step forward for Low Back and Neck Pain in-silico models, and at the end of the project the state of the art will change significantly”, states Helios De Rosario. “We are proud of this consortium”, continues.

The reviewers team stressed the major strength of the project and also gave some important advices on areas that will be developed, enhanced and improved in the second half of the project.

“We have to wait for the official report, but in the meantime, we can already start on implementing reviewers’ indications”, concludes De Rosario.

In September Back-UP project will be present at the 11th Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC in Valencia, with a poster that will present the concept and use cases of the platform, while next consortium meeting will be in Bonn, Germany, in November.













For more information about Back-UP, please visit project web page

(Giuseppe Caprara 17/07/2019)